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Imitation (2013)

Imitation (2013)

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About book Imitation (2013)

I really wanted to LOVE this book. But it ended being an okay read for me. Maybe it was because I for reason was annoyed by Ven at the beginning. Sure I liked her better as the story moved along. But at the beginning, I don't know, she just felt weak. Don't get me wrong, there are weak MC's that adore.Because usually they have a strong heart when they are weak. But I just didn't feel Ven was strong in any department.The plus is I like Daniel and Luc. First things first...the cover is BEAUTIFUL! That is really the first thing that drew me to this book. It also really helps visualize the main character Ven. Speaking of Ven, I really did like her character. Some of her thinking was very one sided, for instance...her ideas on her Authentic's sexual experiences. But, what can you expect from a five year old clone who's never even met the person she has to pretend to be?I have personally never read a book with cloning in it, so I found the story line to be very interesting. All of the clones live in a warehouse where they are referred to by the few humans who know about them as "products". They spend their time training and studying their "Authentic" for whenever they are needed. This could simply mean that their Authentic is dying and needs an organ transplant. In Ven's case, her Authentic's life is put into hiding due to attempts at her life.Ven is thrown into a world she has only seen through a television to do the one thing she was made to do. Serve her Authentic in every way possible. For Ven, this means being dangled like a worm on a hook. Her job is to draw out the attackers with out worry for her own safety. She follows obediently, as she's been taught to do. That is, until she meets some one who tells her that there is another way. A way out.The writing was done beautifully and there were only a couple things that I wish were different. Ven and Linc have a "insta-love" type relationship that bugged me a bit. They claimed to love each other without really even knowing each other. And then there was the cloning itself. I kept looking for more description of the process. How was it done? Did they start off as babies or just poof there was a full grown clone? I wish the author would have covered a bit more on that topic instead of kinda leaving us hanging.I do plan on reading the sequel, so maybe a bit more is covered in that book.

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Action was mediocre at best, awfully rushed... bit cheesy and badly written...but was a great plot.

I received an e-arc of the book to read and review.Review to be posted.

Really good. I'm excited for the sequel.

This was a great young adult book.

My review will be up soon !

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