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Immortal Beloved (2010)

Immortal Beloved (2010)

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0316035920 (ISBN13: 9780316035927)
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About book Immortal Beloved (2010)

I give this 4.5 stars✨. This book was fantastic. I thought a lot of the things Nastasya learned could be applied to real life. Sometimes you forget that doing all of the little menial tasks, doing hard labor & doing things for others helps you appreciate life, it actually makes you happy. It's funny that the more you work & the busier you are is usually when you are the happiest & most content. Nastasya had such a horrible past & I thought the author did a great job showing how easily you put up walls & let anger/sadness take over & you can not even notice it. I couldn't put this book down. I was flipping through pages so fast & holding my breath just waiting for Reyn to finally kiss her! It was so worth the wait. Tiernan was amazing at building up the tension & delivering a great payoff. Thank goodness I already have the 2nd book in the series This book is lacking some oomph. Maybe and just maybe I was expecting more magic in this book so the amount of magic that was used in this book made me blehhh... Not enough oomph. Plus I don't even like the hero much. He was reaaaaaaaally shallow. I read about him at page 1, have not heard about him until page 150 and suddenly booooooom... He fell in love with the heroine. I am supposed to swoon over a character that don't even make an appearance for about 150 pages? I don't even know who he is to be swoon for...I really hate to left some book series/trilogy unfinished so I probably will read the next 2 books. (Or maybe I will just skim over)

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There is nothing more for me to say but I loved the book :)

amazingly beautiful. loved every bit of it.

abandoned at 30%


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