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In Captivity. Jeff Lemire (2011)

In Captivity. Jeff Lemire (2011)

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0857680447 (ISBN13: 9780857680440)
Titan Publishing Company

About book In Captivity. Jeff Lemire (2011)

This series is grim dystopian stuff, with a sweet hybrid boy-deer as a main character who may hold the key to why the plague has happened, or how they can survive it, because he, at 9, like all the other hybrid kids, seems to be immune.... The first book is intriguing, suspenseful, grim, something like The Road in its post-apocalyptic horror (and hope), but in this book we get more background on what has happened, and also more back story on the guy who sold the kid to the military-scientific compound.... Really great work. Jepperd's past plays a big part of this story. We learn about his wife, the babies born after the Affliction, his violence, and what drives him. Gus is in captivity and we don't see much from him. The doctor is trying to find a cure for the Affliction, and he believes the key lies in the hybrids. Because Gus doesn't have a belly-button, he suspects that the secret of the plague lies with him and the forest he grew up in. So much mystery- it's addicting!!Something that did crack me up- the first time we meet Abbot, he looked like an evil version of Dean Pelton from Community (played by actor Jim Rash).

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Can't wait to see where Lemire takes this.

This just got really good.

different, touching

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