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In Ecstasy (2008)

In Ecstasy (2008)

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1921361166 (ISBN13: 9781921361166)
Fremantle Press

About book In Ecstasy (2008)

Best drug-related novel I have ever read. Brings us through the whole process of how a person can become addicted to drugs. They also mentioned how society has that whole propaganda thing telling you everything about why drugs are so bad for you and everything. It's very realistic. It covers a whole lot of issue and the author is honest and doesn't side with either side. It's not biased.We are introduced to two best friends - at first the story is all innocent and lighthearted. Sophie is the one with the social life and the perfect appearance and life. She can get any guy she wants. Mia is the one who is pretty average and tags behind Sophie. They're at a party and there we are introduced to some minor and major characters. Sophie introduces Mia to Lewis Scott, the perfect year 12 guy who has everything - looks, money, popularity...drugs.Mia's side of the story views ecstasy positively from a person who is taking drugs and how it makes ecstasy look so good and how it makes her feel. How she went from this average girl to having a boyfriend and had everything. She felt so confident of herself and so up herself. She felt beautiful, popular and everybody liked her because she was more outgoing. I thought I was reading 'The Perfect Boyfriend' all over again. Similar situations but Mia's situation turns out really different. Mia turns into a different person - thinking she's better than everyone else.Sophie's side of the story tells us about her past and her own perspective of the present situation. She's gone out with heaps of guys and go to heaps of parties and takes drugs and everything. But because of some experiences she's had, she's vowed to never have sex with anyone until after high school because she felt so downgraded after an incident. She likes to be in control of her life. She turns to her best friend when problems start happening in her life but she realizes her best friend isn't really her best friend Mia anymore. Instead, there's this social butterfly, popular, beautiful, confident person with a perfect boyfriend who doesn't even care what Sophie has to say and only thinks she's jealous of her.I truly really loved this book to the point where I finished it all in one day. I really loved the issues it faces. When we were studying about drugs in school I thought it was very biased like it was full on wrong and no matter what drugs is bad. In the textbooks they go on about what some kinds of drugs are made of and the side effects (the bad side effects - they don't tell you the good effects). Not all of them tell you why teenagers keep on taking it and it just gives you a 360 degree perspective of the situation when you read the book. You see both sides of the story and get attached to the characters as it's written so well. This book gives you good information about many issues teenagers face in today's society. Even after Tower's death, many of the teenagers continued to take drugs and many of the people who knew Mia was in rehab told themselves that it would never happen to them even though they took drugs themselves! This book is about two teenage girls’ lives (Mia and Sophie), when drugs, alcohol and guys get involved. This book I found to be an interesting read as the characters are portrayed very well and we get to see this story through both girls’ eyes, through alternating the chapters. It is set in Perth and is in the present time. It is based around the middle class but also a much darker side of Perth through the drug dealers. There are many themes in these story; drugs, alcohol and relationships being the main ones. This book shows how drugs can change a person and the consequences behind taking them. It also states without stating that alcohol might be fun but it can put you into situations where you don’t want to be and have dire conquests . The story shows a lot about the relationships almost to the point of at least one of the girls being in one in every chapter. There are many break ups and poor choices in guys made by the girls. All the characters are very well done, down to the spoiled but neglected guys to the two middle class teenage girls. Some of the considered teenage traits were over done like the texting using abbreviations “sorry been sic much betta now cum to party tonite” page 89.. Teenagers do not use that much abbreviations when texting. This book is something all teens should read, even if it is just to get the message across about how life works. I did find this book a bit dull as it repeats things to get both girls prospective and a bit over dramatized. The ending of the book was a bit flat but allows the reader to make their own guess about what would happen to then as they move through there lives.

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in ecstasy is a really good book.everyone who reads it just absolutely loves this book.

this is the same author as destroying avalon but nowhere as good

This is a very entertaining book which I couldn't stop reading!

Definitely worth a read particularly if you have teenagers.

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