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In From The Cold (2000)

In From the Cold (2000)
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In From The Cold (2000)
In From The Cold (2000)

About book: I really liked this. Would have given 5 stars but the ending with Nathan getting tortured was l little much for me. I thought the point could have been made / done differently without all of the gore and body carving/crucifixion. I had similar feelings about another closing of Mercy Celeste's - Crazy from the Heat. Kind of a WTF is happening and where did this come from?? moment. I Loved Quinn and Nathan together though and overall a great read! I love Mercy Celeste stories -- they engage me right from the start and there's always some hot man love that shortcircuits my Kindle. This one is no exception. Nathan and Quinn grew up together and they explored sex together, culminating in going all the way on graduation night. But, where Quinn valued the experience, Nathan ran from it and by the time he realized his mistake, he was on his way to basic training as a Marine. He followed the anticipated path for his life - getting married, trying to have children, though both marriages failed and he found out he was sterile. Quinn was a very talented musician, rising through the ranks to become a successful country-western singer, despite a few stops along the way to fall into drug and alcohol addition, get his junkie girlfriend pregnant and finally, get treatment and reach sobriety. He keeps his daughter at his home in Florida, a secret from the world, having sole custody of her because her mother overdosed and died when she was a few weeks old. When Quinn's father is fatally wounded and he comes back to town, sparks fly between he and Nathan and the chemistry that they've kept hidden for 15 years explodes. But it's not an easy path to togetherness and the killer is lurking in the background until he manages to hurt one of them badly. I liked this story, and there were times I loved both MCs, but Nathan sometimes got on my nerves and there were times in the story when I just couldn't warm up to him, even when circumstances made it seem like he needed a lot of love and support. The chemistry between the two was hot at the beginning but something was lacking toward the end and I'm not sure why it fell a little flat for me, but it did. So 3.5 stars overall but since I love the author, I'm pushing up to 4 for the Goodreads rating. I recommend it to those who like stories with a lot of angst and pain, an MC deep in the closet and/or some dark and painful scenes. If you don't like abuse, on page and off, then don't pick this one up.
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Somebody always has to come in from out of the cold.
Big price drop to $0.99 at Amazon US, 11/2/14
2.5 stars
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