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In His Cuffs (Mastered) (2013)

In His Cuffs (Mastered) (2013)

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About book In His Cuffs (Mastered) (2013)

As much as I enjoy reading contemporary BDSM themed romances, I often end up frustrated. Too often the author includes BDSM scenes, particularly punishments, that are unusual, unnecessarily harsh, even gratuitous rather than realistic within the story and characters. The story and BDSM are out of step with each other, leaving me confused and irritated. I'm sorry to say that several of Sierra Cartwright's books have felt this way to me - but not this one.Both David and Maggie were people I liked and admired. I felt invested in their relationship because each of them was willing to face their flaws and compromise because they loved each other. This book hit so many right notes for me, and the BDSM scenes felt fully integrated into the story while still being very hot. I can't ask for much more than that. That was awesome! I have to say that this series gets better and better with each book. So as the blurb states, Maggie's mothers business was bought out 6 months ago by David. She has been contracted to continue to work for him for 2 years as part of the sale deal, and her mothers continues with her creative freedom and employment so long as Maggie stays.Maggie looks forward to her time at the Den, and ladies night is the night she and her friend always attend. She is quite shocked to see her boss as one of the house monitors at the event, and even more so when he scares away a Dom who was interested in her to claim her for him for the night. One night is all Maggie ever does with a Dom, and she begrudgingly agrees to scene with David, confident they can interact without issue at work on Monday. Well, that plan just didn't happen, and both of them can't forget but it is up to Maggie to make the move because she has been clear with David she wanted nothing more and he is holding her to it.Maggie finally agrees to scene with David, but their attraction is so strong, that it is growing into something more. Before it can be finalized, a work mistake threatens everything and Maggie is at a loss what to do!

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Whenever handcuffs are used..can a book really go wrong?!? ..yummy

Review to follow, but i have to say, this book was EXCELLENT!!

Love this author.


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