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In Nome Dell'amore (2010)

In nome dell'amore (2010)

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Harlequin Mondadori

About book In Nome Dell'amore (2010)

The first novel in this trilogy was interesting. This one (the secoond), however was just a touch of fluff. The historical references were minimal, and character development lacked. I did piece together the best quote of book one. Juliaana sees an older gentleman holding a bay girl. She inquires "Is this your grand daughter?" he replies "No, she is my wife". This story opens up in book two. Not enough background in my opinion. I enjoyed this 2nd book in the trilogy as well as the first. I love the way it begins and the time period it takes place in. It is amazing to me that such religious persecution can take place. It was a fascinating period in time. I am glad I live now instead. It was interesting to see what became of Oliver although disturbing at times. I found it a bit aggravating when Oliver and Lark choose to interpret each other’s actions rather than talk about their feelings for each other. They then make choices that end up hurting one another instead of building a relationship. I guess that happens in real life as well. I enjoyed Oliver’s character development maturing into a more responsible individual worthy of Lark. There are some marital sex scenes to be aware of.

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Wonderful book in continuing through the generations! A really great series.

I remember loving this book in high school.

Loved this trilogy



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