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In Pieces (2000)

In Pieces (2000)
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In Pieces (2000)
In Pieces (2000)

About book: This is my fourth book of this series, i started out of order with the fourth one in the series. This has been my favorite so far. I have one more book, which I will start today. So far, Hunter is my favorite character in the series, and I really liked him in this book, seeing more to him here than in his own story. But, Christopher and Kieran are my favorite couple so far. This was the most touching story. There seemed to be less 'babe' in this one and more character development and there were more times that I saw what was happening than having it spelled out for me. I think my other favorite character is Jamie. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the final book, which I think is about Trevor. Book five will probably be the last one that I am willing to read I didn't realize that this was the third in a series, but it was written complete enough that I didn't have a problem with the story.It reminded me of the Stephanie Plum novels with the interaction of the family members led by a gun toting grandmother. She was hilarious and I would read the others in this series just to get more of her. I would guess that there will be another in the series because of the several story lines that were left dangling, but since I didn't know it was a series, I thought that it was just a poor writing style.
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Very touching story.
Way too much sex.
loved it so good
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