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In Rides Trouble (2012)

In Rides Trouble (2012)

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Becky “Rebel” Reichert needs a break from Black Knights, Inc after not only losing a friend but having Frank “Boss” Knight pulverize her dream of becoming an operative like the rest of the guys. It also doesn’t help that she’s in love with the man and he has redefined the term “at arms length”, but instead of sunning herself on the deck of a boat, she finds herself in a hostage situation and her boys are called in to rescue her. Frank does his best to keep his relationship with Becky strictly professional, but after she gets taken hostage by pirates all of his reasons start to crumble at his feet.While I liked Hell On Wheels, I can honestly say I really liked In Rides Trouble. Both books are fast paced and have great characters, but I felt that Becky and Frank had much more depth than the HEA couple in the first book and I connected with them more. I wanted them to stop dancing around each other and finally admit their feelings because I could feel the chemistry between them. They also drove me bat shit crazy with their misinterpretations of certain situations, and there were times when I had to remind myself that I was reading on my Kindle and that throwing it across the room wouldn’t be a good idea. Then there are the other Knights. Ozzie is still up there as favorite but after this book Angel, the just a tiny bit (total understatement) scary ex Mossad agent, and Rock may kick his butt out of the top spot. I love the bantering that goes on between them and actually like reading what their POV’s of the situation is. In some instances it can take away from the main couple, but here I feel it lends more depth to the story because this group of people are supposed to be a tight knit group, there are secrets they all keep, but overall it shows how well they do know each other. 3.5 Stars. Public Library 11/3/14. I read this series out of order so this one helped fill in some of the interpersonal blanks that had been driving me crazy. I was hoping that we'd see more of Ali and Ghost because so many of the Knights took up space in their book but other then a mention or two they aren't around. Becky is on vacation with her best friend Eve when they are kidnapped by pirates. Frank and a few of the other Knights ride in for their rescue saving the day. Things between Becky and Frank heat up but there's still the problem of the mysterious other woman. Unrequited love isn't Beckys' only problem one of the pirates is out for revenge and only the pretty little mechanic will do.

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I loved this one!! Becky was so strong and loveable and that big goon frank well he won me over!!

Loved Frank and Becky together! Greatly enjoying this series.

quick read--summer alpha male read.

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