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In The Moment (2013)

In the Moment (2013)

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This book provided a nice balance between romance and kink. It is probably one of the most realistic "edgy" sexual books I've read in a while. Very refreshing.As other reviews and summaries have stated, this is a story about 39 year-old Sam Davis. She's a hard working ad executive who lands one of the largest accounts in her career, The Network. The Network is the vision of 45 year-old French millionaire, Laurent Roman. Incredibly strong in personality and domineering in spirit, Laurent hires Sam to design his project's advertising campaign.Sam is very much a control freak that compartmentalizes everything. She's funneled everything into her career and her company foregoing intimacy and relationships. That is until she meets Laurent. He forces her to see that there is more to life than work and teaches her how to "feel" in some very creative ways.I was very pleased to read an erotic story where the main characters were over 35. Yes folks, you continue to live robust, lusty life after 35! I wish more authors would write about this most freeing era in one's life. Particularly a woman's. The feel of the story was very authentic and I look forward to reading the next installment. I found this an enjoyable, quick read. Similar to the rest of these kind of novels, but with a bit less of a helpless female character and less of an asshole male character. Kind of a nice flip. As usual, no intense character depth just hints of more, but for this genre - I'm cool with that. I will say, the sex scenes were...meh, to me. Repetitive and often. After the Stark Trilogy, I feel that my analysis of them may be unfair.I had trouble putting it down and enjoyed disappearing into this one!

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half of it seemed to be in french and i had to keep looking up what it meant.. not a fan at all

A bit tough to get into the chemistry wasn't heart stopping. Too much back & forth with Sam.

a fast read kept my attention and ready to read book #2 ;)

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