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Inappropriate Thoughts (2000)

Inappropriate Thoughts (2000)

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Lately I've been rating romance and erotica on a curve, so this gets an extra star. The writing isn't all that bad, except for some phrases that are repeated ad nauseam. "She slammed her eyes shut..." or some form of this phrase was repeated so many times I felt compelled to go back and count! Grand total: nine (that I could find). "His impressiveness" was used twice (two too many) along with one "his impressive length."There are some funny parts:Victoria read the note again. "He totally wants to have sex with you. It says it right here." "Where?"Victoria read from the note, "'There are a lot of things about the trip that I'll never forget' dot dot dot."Jillian looked at her, confused.Victoria widened her eyes sexily, as she repeated, "DOT DOT DOT.""Yeah?""There are a lot of things I'll never forget, AND I want to lick your pussy for, like, an hour. That's what dot dot dot means."Jillian scoffed. "Just worry about your own muscles.""Oh, I don't need to. I can pull the cork out of a wine bottle with my - ""First how would you even…" Jillian sneered. "Wait. Don't tell me. I don't want to know."Victoria grinned as Jillian looked away in mock disgust. When she looked back, they broke into laughter."I was just kidding," Victoria said."Thank God." Darlings, I have read my first erotic romance novel, Inappropriate Thoughts (Victoria Wilde #1) by a male writer! And I have to say...I LOVED IT!!! Ian Dalton is a really fantastic writer! Boy does he know how to get you worked up and leave you hangin’, girls! He builds the romance and the relationship throughout the book and the sexual tension so much that I almost wrote the author and said, “Hey Man, what’s the deal? Are they EVER going to hit the sheets or what?”Seriously!!!Considering the age difference and how the relationship starts between Jillian and Brian it does make sense to take time for them to get together. And maybe our male counterparts in romance erotica writing have a little more patience in getting their characters into the bed.Mr. Dalton also does a masterful job at converging all the story lines together. There are several characters who he could write books about from their own points of view. Like Victoria, the fun filled friend, who could easily steal the limelight! She stays practically naked most of the time in this book. Or he could do a book based on the antics of Jillian’s college age son, Rob who seems to have some trouble being faithful to his longtime girlfriend, Laura.Inappropriate Thoughts is very well written and I couldn’t put it down! I would rate this book with 5 stars. I will be reading the next book in this series for sure! I can’t wait to see what happen next!

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to silly - far fetched. poor writing. would not recommend it.

Life's too short - I couldn't persevere with this one.

It was a fun, free book.

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