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Incorruptible, Volumen 1 (2010)

Incorruptible, Volumen 1 (2010)

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About book Incorruptible, Volumen 1 (2010)

My cousins gifted me with Volumes 1 and 2 of this series for Christmas because they were on my Amazon Wish List. I'd meant to get around to this after reading IRREEDEMABLE, the series it spins off from, but Volume 1 was on the table in front of me when I sat down to eat lunch, so I jumped in. I suppose that could have been a dangerous decision. I did momentarily wonder if I needed to be immersed in the parent series to understand the companion series but I can honestly say that Waid, Diaz and company have structured the story so that the reader does not, at least in this initial volume, need to know anything about the parent series other than what we're told in the synopsis: "world's greatest hero goes rogue, kills millions, and the world changes overnight." What I found in this first volume was a finely-crafted tale of attempted redemption, an easy-flowing and exciting introduction to the characters. "Damage" isn't just in Max's name, it's in his psyche and is also a true description of not only the world around him but also the people he's partnered with: former police nemesis Lieutenant Armadale and former sidekick Jailbait each have their own problems to navigate in addition to try to understand how Max Damage is now a hero instead of a villain. This first volume introduces a number of other characters who I assume will recur; it also introduces and then handles a potential "god in the machine" moment in a way that provides maximum angst. I'm looking forward to moving on to volume 2. Like others have said, not as good as IRREDEEMABLE, but still an interesting tale so far. It's a harder sell believing someone as seemingly as evil/greedy as Max has gone completely straight (though, to be honest, I'm still looking for a better explanation why The Plutonian has gone evil and they've hinted that there is one, so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt for this series, too.)

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Love the idea of a superhero/supervillain swap. Can't wait to catch up on this series.

Really good. It's surprising when a spin-off is better than the source material.

Not as good as Irredeemable, but still has some great artwork.

A wonderful companion series to Irredeemable.

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