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Independent Study (2014)

Independent Study (2014)

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0547959206 (ISBN13: 9780547959207)
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Audiobook - Horrible. I didn't like the first book, but we wanted another audio book and this was there. I can't stand stories where the main character is so obviously stupid in her actions and this book is exactly that. This is especially annoying since she's supposed to be super smart. Plus, it has long, drawn out boring parts and then just ends, trying to get you hooked for the next one. I can't continue reading this storyline. Although this book didn't have as much action as the testing, it was still great. Cia's character develops into a strong leader. She makes both friends and enemy's and hopefully the people that she trusts in the end will be on her side. Cia finally has made some improvement in the knowledge she needs to pass on to the rebels only to find that the ringleader, Symon, has other intentions. He kills Michal and he takes the recording that could possibly help the president get Dr. Barnes out of the position he holds as the testing leader. At the end of the book Cia gets ahold of Zeen, since he's running with the rebels he's close, with the trans communicator and what's left of their conversation will be in Graduation Day. I can't wait to read what's next.

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This book keeps blowing my mind I love it soo much. I would consider it as one of my favorite books.

The Testing never ends!




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