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Infinity Ring Book 2: Divide And Conquer (2012)

Infinity Ring Book 2: Divide and Conquer (2012)
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Infinity Ring Book 2: Divide And Conq...
Infinity Ring Book 2: Divide And Conquer (2012)

About book: Infinity Ring Divide and Conquer was a great book. It is the 2d book in the Infinity Ring series. In this book Sara, Dak, and Riq use the infinity ring (a time traveling ring) and go back to the war between the Vikings and Paris. While Dak is captured by the Vikings and forced to work for them Sara and Riq help Paris with the historian. Will the children help history and set things right? Or will they make a huge mistake. Read this book to find out. The kids enjoyed this audiobook but we did like the first book better. However, Viggy (sp?) was very entertaining with his (or hers?) extreme bad breath. This book seemed to focus more on Sera than Daq...but Riq is still treated as a minor character. He still disappeared at times, but then he was also featured a little bit more in this book. I like Dion Graham as the voice for Daq, and he does a pretty good job with narrating the story. But, it would be better if this utilized a full audio cast, or at least give Sera her own voice when she is featured. The kids want to continue listening so we will be picking up the other audiobooks when available.
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Not as exciting as it could have been, but definitely geared towards the younger reader.
lovely can't wait for the next book
Vikings, seige of Paris, Normandy
great second book
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