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Influência Externa (2013)

Influência Externa (2013)

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Bertrand Editora

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Harvath is out finding terrorist cells in some of the major cities in Europe only to find out a much bigger event is planned for the U.S.The Troll appears in this book again and he is the main reason Harvath is back hunting down terrorists. He is trying to clear The Troll's name.In this book Harvath will decide one way or the other if he continues his relationship with Tracy.It was an enjoyable read but up to this point, others before it were better. Former Seal turned covert operative, Scot Harvath has seen more action than 99.9% of the male population, but he thrives on it, and gets restless when he doesn't feel useful. When bombs start going off in Europe, and he's called to find the root of the trouble, he doesn't have to be asked twice. From the computer whizz dwarf, Nicholas, to Pieo the 'priest,' and everything in between, he's on the move between Europe and Chicago looking for the perpetrators. Terrorism is not going away. The irony s that those who claim to want peace in the world are the instigators of such hate.

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Terrorism plots. Good story but I have trouble following all the characters--but, that's just me!

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