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Innamorarsi A Notting Hill (2010)

Innamorarsi a Notting Hill (2010)

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8854150584 (ISBN13: 9788854150584)
Newton Compton

About book Innamorarsi A Notting Hill (2010)

From the off, this book promised to be the spoonful of sugar I needed to counteract the dark, introspective material I’d been reading previously. It was blatant chick lit; pure, unadulterated romantic fantasy; from cover to cover, but then, it never pretended to be anything else, and for that reason I couldn’t begrudge McNamara the Darcy-esque leading man and the fairytale ending.There were just enough unexpected twists to keep the reader from knowing exactly where the plot was heading, but no part of my mind was ever convinced that Scarlett and Sean wouldn’t end up together in the end. It was a strong debut novel - well-written, with good pacing and characters that were easy to identify with - and just perfect for curling up with on a cold winter’s night. Ladies do you LOVE rom-coms? When you hear Darcy do you think Bridget Jones rather than Jane Austen. Then this is a book for you.This is a clean, light, quick read. Where we learn about Scarlett O'Brien and her misadventures in love. Scarlett loves movies and views the world through a rewind in her mind. The book is essentially a Rom-Com in print. You need to suspend your disbelief and just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Do You like book Innamorarsi A Notting Hill (2010)?

The main character drove me a bit crazy with her inability to make choices...a bit weak overall.

Like fluffy cotton candy, perfect for satisfying cravings for sweets.

Insipid characters and ridiculous plot points. Just awful.

Beautiful oddechovka. Mile to read, I relaxed with her.

I should have paid attention to the reviews.

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