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Innocent (2010)

Innocent (2010)

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0446562424 (ISBN13: 9780446562423)
Grand Central Publishing

About book Innocent (2010)

Turow has written an incredibly human approach to life in politics and the challenges that it can bring. Bringing a 20 year old vendetta to light again demonstrates perfectly how long memories can be when you've made it to the top. The human portrayal of Judge Sabich and his weakness toward women makes the reader sympathize with him even while believing he's guilty of a vile crime. Of course, he vindicates himself for his past wrongs. Highly recommended. I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway. This is a good sequel to Presumed Innocent. It is kind of creepy to get right back into the characters from the original novel and the complex relationships between them, Barbara/Rusty, Rusty/Tommy and Rusty/Sandy. Sandy Stern - the soft-spoken lawyer in the first one returns to save Rusty from his own blunders. The plot line is a bit far-fetched making Barbara looks deviously clever and I found the court room drama entertaining.

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If you liked Presumed Innocent, you'll want to read this one too!

definitely liked it! definitely easy to read . . . . page turner

Not as good as his earlier legal thriller Presumed Innocent.

Satisfying sequel, but dragged a little at the end.

Great Story!!

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