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Inquisitor's Apprentice (2011)

Inquisitor's Apprentice (2011)

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1299899994 (ISBN13: 9781299899995)
Harcourt Brace and Company

About book Inquisitor's Apprentice (2011)

Sacha Kessler, a Jewish immigrant boy living on the Lower East Side, discovers that he can see magic as though it were a physical emanation. He is promptly drafted into the NYPD Inquisitors, a law enforcement agency focused on the control of magic, which seems to permeate every aspect of this alternate, turn-of-the-century vision of New York. Once in the Inquisitors, Sacha is apprenticed to one Maximillian Wolf, along with a fellow student, Lily Astral. They soon find themselves up against the evil millionaire J.P. Morgaunt, and a murderous dybbuk who is trying to kill Thomas Edison. This book sparkles with a magic all its own, and much of it is a half-turn off of historical fact. Lily Astral, for example, is much like one imagines a young Astor to be; and I don't expect I have to explain who J.P. Morgaunt is, much less Mr. Vanderbilk. But Teddy Roosevelt puts in an appearance, as does Thomas Edison and numerous other real-life figures, moving easily through the magic that they assume exists, since in their world it does: Chinatown has Confucian spellbinders and immortals; the Lower East Side is home to Jewish Kabbalists (who historically weren't into magic, just mysticism, but we'll let that pass); Little Italy has streganonnas; and Hell's Kitchen belongs to a street gang known as the Irish Hell's Kitchen Hexers. Naturally enough, everything comes to a head as the good guys battle, well, evil.This was a really fun read, and kids who are into either magic or history or both will love it. So will adults. Can't wait to read the sequel. This belongs on the unfortunately lengthy list of books that I see a loooong while before I really read it. In fact, I just realized that I've looked at this previously...Combining Jewish folklore and pleasingly historical elements I regret procrastinating when it comes to this book.My thoughts?Oh heavens this is absolutely completely totally brilliant! The writing, the characters, the setting...I'll address the characters first..Well. What can I say. Chris Moriarty(If that's even his real name...) is the best at drawing characters-genuinely lovable characters, cheer-able characters that will have your mind working like clockwork and your heart constricting.*dramatic music plays*The Plot. Fun, adventurous, entertaining also with some darker twists and more insidious villains. I loved how they showed Edison in what I believe were his true colors, and also New York at large! I adored it. I think the writer did well also, by not risking ruination of the series like so many trilogies by writing a third book...Sound preachy? Eh, unfortunately. Somehow my loquacity seems to equate snobbishness in many Goodreads times.

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Fast-paced, fun, magical alternate-history. Surprisingly sober ending for such a light-hearted book.

Fun read, fun premise. Not as wowed as I'd hoped. Perfectly set-up for next installment.

Finalist for Cybils' Middle Grade Science Fiction and Fantasy Award.

I wanted to like this, but it didn't hold my attention.

fun read. perfect for a rainly fall day!

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