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Insufferable Proximity 2 (2000)

Insufferable Proximity 2 (2000)

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About book Insufferable Proximity 2 (2000)

Heaven and Julien are back, full force in part two of this awesome story. Starting right where things left off in part one, Heaven and Julien are finally on there way to starting their HEA after one heck of a beginning. Or are they.... Part two delves deeper into the relationship between Heaven and Julien. Both realize that their feelings towards one another have changed for the better. So after many years of wasted time, now is the moment to live for each other and that is what this story focuses on. Julien is still the domineering alpha male we all love, and Heaven is still the strong, smart heroine (unless dealing with Julien, but who could resist all that alpha maleness *wink*) that we all wish we could be like. This was another attention grabbing storyline that never got boring. From new & returning characters and the usual office gossip, to full blown episodes of jealousy and nefarious plotting; this story will keep you captivated from beginning to end. These books are total keepers and they will definitely have a permanent spot on my kindle. Thanks for a great read :) So bummed about this book. God, the first one was awesome. This one just seemed silly. Don't get me wrong, there are some crazy hot sex scenes! I mean, I love the man and his dirty mouth. I just think the book was far fetched. Not realistic enough for me.Love her mother and her mothers friends. But the people that they work with drove me crazy. And really, I just didn't care about them.So I really wanted to give this 5 stars just because of the hot sex. But I just couldn't. :(

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This book got soo cheesy it was almost too hard to choke down! Book 1 was better!!

I enjoyed the conclusion of Julian and Heaven. Good ending and great epilogue.

I loved this story just not as much as book 1...

Not as great as book 1 but overall a good read!

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