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Intelligenza Ecologica (2009)

Intelligenza Ecologica (2009)

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There are some good ideas in this book. The author's basic concept is as follows: Unbiased organizations are beginning to rate the ecological and social practices involved in a particular manufacturer's production of a specific items. For example, a T shirt produced by a company that uses little water, returns any unused water to streams in pristine condition and pays workers an adequate salary to live on, would rate much higher on both social and ecological considerations than one from a company that did none of these things but otherwise used the same techniques. When these social and ecological scores are displayed with the T shirts where they are sold, the author believes enough consumers would choose the highly rated brands to increase sales significantly for the high scoring manufacturers. This would make it cost efficient for manufacturers to become much greener and socially conscious.A concern I have is whether the author dug far enough into the details of his examples. I explored one case he describes, and it seems he may have minimized the efforts required by local people to get the company to behave better. He simply states there were protests and the company's plant was closed by the courts for 17 months. The author seems to take as truth the company's denial that local problems had anything to do with their plant. Details I found in other places on the internet made me understand much more clearly how upset locals were with the company and the degree to which the local courts had a hard time being decisive in the case. The author seems to take the (American) company's word for it that they didn't really cause the problems that locals experienced. I'm unclear that this was true. Regardless, the company did work to do better there and in other places... although internet stories indicate that company owns other plants that face similar accusations today.Overall, I feel this is a good book to read, whether or not each detail is accurate. It provides some information and ideas about ways to improve the care companies take of our environment and their workers. The author acknowledges that many consumers will have to consider price as primary in their choice of products because they have relatively little discretionary money. He still believes the ecological and social ratings would have a significant impact. I liked the information in the book. It was good to read, and raised a number of good ideas for how the general public can through technology understand the history and construction of products better and has interesting information on how companies have in the past responded to environmental issues, but the book needed to be better edited. The topics were scattered, popping up repeatedly instead of being focused into one paragraph or even one chapter, and the length of the book felt padded.

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