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Interrupting Chicken (2010)

Interrupting Chicken (2010)

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0763641685 (ISBN13: 9780763641689)
Candlewick Press

About book Interrupting Chicken (2010)

The title alone, Interrupting Chicken, is what motivated me to read this book. It's silly and I just want to know what's going on. Also, the illustrations are funny and make these characters look even sillier than they act. Every time Papa started a story for Chicken she interrupted the story, stories like; Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Chicken Little. Every time something bad was going to happen to the characters in these stories, Chicken would belt out "out jumped a little red chicken, and she said..." then would follow with something like they shouldn't do something or not to worry and explain why they shouldn't and the story would end because there was no conflict in these stories which made no ending conclusion. Papa ran out of stories to tell Chicken because she kept interrupting so she told her Papa a story about her putting her own Papa to bed by telling him a story and giving him warm milk, but nothing worked. But, on the contrary, Chicken's story did work, her Papa was fast asleep. The illustrations were done in water colors, water-soluble crayon, china marker, pen, opaque white ink and tea. Tea? It certainly did a wonderful job. The illustrations add the silliness to this story and when Chicken pops up in the stories, she is different from the characters by how she looks. This is a wonderful book and very colorful. All kids should read this just by how entertaining it is. What a fun book for the classroom! As the little chicken is being readied for bed, she begs her papa for a bedtime story only to interrupt his tellings each and every time. My class howled at how the story twisted and unrolled. Funny thing...they really didn't know the stories that Chicken's papa was telling her. You got it...they did not know Hansel and Gretel and Chicken Little but basically knew Little Red Riding Hood. Since Interrupting Chicken we have now read Hansel and Gretel in the Grimm version and Chicken Little courtesy of Steven Kellogg!! What a fun book that we discovered. We loved it.

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One of the best books to read to kids during storytime. Teachers and parents really enjoy it too.

I love the artwork, although I had trouble actually seeing the characters as chickens :)

Good tie in with fractured fairy tales thanks Franki!

Creative and unique

A lot of fun!

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