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Into His Keeping (2007)

Into His Keeping (2007)

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Ellora's Cave

About book Into His Keeping (2007)

This is one book I keep going back to again and again. Intense, burning, inescapable.....passion. Written from Holden's POV, you understand the depth of his feeling for Jill. That's probably one reason I wasn't too bothered when he called her otherwise offensive names. You knew he wasn't belittling her, it was simply an expression of her sexually, with and for him. A man who would shape his life with one woman in mind, is a love story I enjoy revisiting, again and again. I liked this more than I thought I would. Truthfully, I probably would not have picked it up in the first place if I knew it had an "amnesia story line" because I think the whole "I've forgotten you for 15 years, but still love you" thing is overdone and far fetched, but this author makes it more believable than most. Her reasons for how and why it happens are solid.I love the Dominant male character. He is the perfect, dirty-talking, possessive, strong, driven, alpha male. I read some other reviews that complained about the language, and I'll agree, it's pretty foul, but I wasn't turned off by it at all. I think the bedroom dialogue is really hot, but if it bothers you to hear a man calling the woman that he loves a whore, it's probably not for you. The particular flavor of BDSM described is all rough sex, anal, dirty language, and bondage. There isn't much pain outside of some light spanking. I also love the son. He's probably my favorite character in all of this, and again, the dialogue is great. He has some really witty one-line responses that had me laughing out loud. Such a smart-ass kid. You can't help but like him. Overall, I'd say it's worth reading. I really enjoyed it.

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Hands down one of my new favorites! Great character development, intense emotions, and hot sex!

Good reunion story with a twist or two!

Intense and hauntingly beautiful.

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