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Into The Dark Book #1: The Shadow Prince (2014)

Into the Dark Book #1: The Shadow Prince (2014)
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Into The Dark Book #1: The Shadow Pri...
Into The Dark Book #1: The Shadow Prince (2014)

About book: Buzzwords: Music, Greek mythology, tasks, emotion/compassion, loss, mystery, romance/love, familyThings I particularly liked: - Daphne is not a pushover, she has a real personality and goals of her own - yay!- Music- though Greek mythology has been popular in retellings lately, this is a new-ish spin on things that those who have been reading this type of thing can still enjoy- Haden's character growth- the finding family sub-theme So the premise of this book is that it is taking Greek Mythology and plunking it down in a present day storyline. It has been done before, but I say there are never too many Hades/ Persephone stories- so bring it on! The premise in this book seemed pretty awesome. I am totally into anything that has to do with mythology. This book just didn't click with me though. I can't say it was a terrible book, but it wasn't great either- it was just... meh.I loved all of the mythology that went into this story. I love the idea of gods and goddesses and magic, but I have to say- I think the author took too long to do work building. Even with all of the knowledge I had about Greek mythology- I still felt pretty lost when they referred to a history set in the context of the story. I felt like I should have known things, and things that were hidden to be let out in a "big reveal"- well it was anti-climactic.Haden and Daphne were interesting characters. Haden seemed to be inspired somewhat by the movie version of Thor- at least in the way he carried himself. Daphne was a little clueless and I felt at times that her "I hate my dad" storyline was a bit forced. I really think they could have done more with side characters- Daphne's parents, CeeCee, and the other side characters.Don't get me wrong, this was a decent book. It had an interesting plot and the story was enjoyable. But for me, it was pretty forgettable.
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Such a great book! I love Greek mythology so this was fun to read. And I love Haden :)
This book was awesome! Can't wait for the next one.
Great!!! Makes my heart go DOKI...DOKI...
4.5 stars
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