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Into The Gauntlet - Library Edition (2010)

Into the Gauntlet - Library Edition (2010)

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0545090687 (ISBN13: 9780545090681)
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About book Into The Gauntlet - Library Edition (2010)

The final book in the series is here! The most interesting one in the series, and also when all the Cahill's unite against a crazy Cahill named Isabel. The genre is fiction, mystery and realistic fiction. I thought this book was very detailed and showed us the rest of the secrets of the 39 clues and the prize!***Spoiler Alert***!The setting is in the United Kingdom, of the coast from The UK, Madrigal stronghold, and Shakespear's cemetery, in the present. Amy and Dan Cahill were told to unite the Cahill family and and stop the fighting between the branches, by their uncle, Fiske, Graces brother. After the branches find out that the last clue and the prize is in the madrigal stronghold, all the branches race to get their and receive the prize. When they get there they find out that they need 1 person from each branch to activate elevators or doors. So they need to work together to get to the prize. When they all get to the diner where the main 5 kids that started the branches, the place starts to brake and they hide under the table to be safe, but Jonah got hurt by a rock and couldn't walk well, so they had to carry him. They had to start going to a passage to the final prize, and had to answer questions to pass thru all the the doors but the doors were broken and opened already, except the last one. When they got to the lab were the prize was,(which it's a recipe to make the potion to become the strongest person in the world, and smartest person in the world) Isabel was there and had a gun just in case they attacked her and many plans if they were to take the gun away from her. Isabel shot her daughter, Nataly because Isabel warned the Cahill's to stay away and bring Jonah to her since he wasn't in that part of the lab. When Isabel got all the ingredients to making the potion, she was about to drink it but all of the Cahill's jumped to her and knocked her down, making her lose the vial with the potion and when Amy got the vial, she smashed it onto Isabel's face, making her go unconscious. Amy and Dan had now gotten the Cahill's together and have gotten Isabel in jail for life for murder. The conflict of this book is person vs. person. The main characters are Amy and Dan, the holts, Isabel, Nataly, Ian, Jonah, The Starlings, Alistar, and lastly, Nellie.I think this book is very interesting and showed the most details from any other book in the 39 clues series! It showed me what Isabel really thought about everything and what the madrigals have been trying to do all the time, like the madrigals were actually the good guys. This book is similar to the movie Star Wars because the bad guys want to rule the whole universe and beat the Jedi's like Isabel wants to rule the world and beat the rest of the Cahill's.I also think this book was very organized and had a very good story and nice settings. The words aren't to hard to understand and are not to easy, so you can read at a perfect level. The bad part is that not all pages have the page number because it usually has symbols or something like that, but it's still a good book and that doesn't annoy me much. This bookis related to me because I have some same hobbies as Dan like being a collector and not liking being bossed around.Overall, I think this is the best book in the series and it's also the last one which sucks, but I will get over it soon. I would rate this book 9/10 because of all the details shown and how easy it is to read this book. It's also a very interesting and it's hard to put down when your reading it. I would recommend the book to people that want to learn about the UK and Shakespear. I would also recommend this book to people that like mystery and people that want to see what a crazy person does. Now the Cahill's have another mission, to stop another group of people trying to take over the world(another series, don't know what it's called)! Isabel Kabra is the mother I wish never to have; the person I would never want to meet. She's pure evil. Really. She's nut's. Oh lord stop me before I throw her some Shakespeare insults. :) The way the authors shaped her character tho... flawless. The perfect villain.It's pretty amazing how all this authors worked together to form this series. And I can't wait to read the next part of the 39 clues.

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“But you must still dare to love. The rewards are worth far more than the risks.”-- Grace

Excellent plot, not the least bit boring!

Great finale to the series!



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