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Irresistible Tentación (2013)

Irresistible tentación (2013)

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About book Irresistible Tentación (2013)

This was the Free Friday selection from last Friday, and I read it within hours of downloading. This guilty pleasure was hard to put down because the author skillfully plots the action and uses dialogue to move the story forward. I liked this romance for there was a mystery to it, and neither the heroine nor the hero caused the problem. For those readers of the romance genre, primly I give this an R-rating. I'm sure there are those who might tell me this could pass for PG-13 these days. I enjoyed this book well enough. A quick little read. Plenty of steamy scenes between Zeke & Sheila. And little Sunnie is too adorable. Gotta admit, I thought the story would end differently. But it did make me wanna read the next book in the series. Ms. Jackson definitely set that up nicely for the next author in the continuity. If you enjoy a quick read with engaging characters, give Temptation a try.

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Dang where can I get a Zeke from? Do they just fall out the sky? Please read this.

Not my favorite of either this genre or author...fairly predictable.

Freebie from nook, it was a quick fun read.

At least it was free.

Good book...

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