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Istina O Melody Browne (2010)

Istina o Melody Browne (2010)

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Znanje, Zagreb

About book Istina O Melody Browne (2010)

Light fiction and easy reading, but Lisa Jewell just has a knack of writing books that have such likeable characters and twisty interesting storylines that you don't want to put them down.The only issues I had were these: I would be very doubtful that Penny was educationally subnormal as they used to say (very un-PC term) as her language reasoning and replies just do not ring true. It just stuck out as not quite rightThe other thing that was a little unclear until the end was that I thought Melody was gradually remembering the flashback in the 1970s chapters, but actually they were for our benefit and she didn't remember that at all. I couldn't quite work out what she had been looking for Matthew if she hadn't made the connection.... I read this book only because it was chosen by my book club as a summer read. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.Melody Browne had no memory of her childhood prior to age nine then after going to a hypnotist show it started to come back.I liked the way that as Melody's memory gradually returned in small flashbacks, the reader was also told the story behind these incidents.It is a very easy to read enjoyable book.

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heartwarming, but a bit far fetched in places.

I like Jewell. It's like... dark chick lit.

Unputdownable book!

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