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It Takes A Scandal (2014)

It Takes a Scandal (2014)

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DNF, unfortunately, because I have enjoyed some of Caroline Linden's books immensely. The hero had great promise, but I could not continue once I hit the third strike below: 1) Using a series of erotic pamphlets called "Fifty Ways to Sin" as a theme for the book. No thanks.2) Extremely annoying and puerile sister to the heroine - it got so that I just couldn't stand to read about her, especially her addiction to the "Fifty Ways to Sin" pamphlet.3) The scene where the heroine meets the hero. The heroine's family has recently moved out to Richmond (the suburbs of London) where her father is holding a ball to introduce the family and his two marriageable daughters to local society. On the night of the ball, the family's puppy takes off into the woods behind the house. So who do they get to go into the woods to look for the puppy? A stable boy? A groom? No - it has to be the heroine, the eldest daughter of the house, who is ready for the ball in her silk ball gown, silk dancing shoes, long silk evening gloves, jewels, and extravagant up-do! As if!!! Could not continue past this ridiculous and totally unbelievable scene. I was bored reading this. The hero's father went insane and the townspeople suspect him of killing his father. Oh, and stealing a lot of money from his best friend's father. And he returned from war with a bad leg. He just can't catch a break.The heroine is from a rich trader's family and they want her to marry a title. She likes the poor, suspected of murder hero. The heroine's sister was annoying. The time spent on who stole the money and what happened to the hero's father really took away from their romance.This book was easy to put down. I didn't really enjoy it.

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Not one of my personal favorites, but I did enjoy the heroine being a passionate, sensual woman.

A fresh, original romance with two likeable leads, neither of whom (shockingly!) is titled.

I really wanted to stop reading about halfway through. Thank goodness for HEAs.

This was a lovely read, and very sweet. Not my favorite, but a nice one

Wonderful story! Amazing!

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