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It's Time To Sleep, My Love (2008)

It's Time to Sleep, My Love (2008)

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0312383711 (ISBN13: 9780312383718)
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About book It's Time To Sleep, My Love (2008)

Nancy Tillman's books are beautiful. Even the ones that don't seem as appealing immediately have this way of growing on us and we love each of hers that we have read. The pictures are so soft and peaceful and the language is poetic. I have found these to be the most soothing books to read to my 18-month-old son before bed. We may read several others before, but it's always nice to finish with one of Tillman's. When my son doesn't feel well, her books are comforting to him. They encourage you to read as if you were saying or singing a soft, lilting lullaby - just lovely. Another book I chose from the library. This book was a decent "goodnight, bedtime" story book. The book just had the animals say good night to their offspring all through the book. It was a quiet quick read that you could read a baby. A toddler though may need more interaction, but a baby could definitely go to sleep on this book. Calming and soothing words that would put anyone to sleep. I would rate this book a 4.

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all the animals are ready to sleep. the pics of the animals are so beautiful all ages can enjoy.

Sweet book about the virtues of going to sleep in a timely manner. If only it were that simple.

Beautiful illustrations and you can almost feel the love spilling out of the pages

I found this book too repetitive and annoying!

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