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Ivy And Bean (Book 9): Ivy And Bean Make The Rules (2012)

Ivy and Bean (Book 9): Ivy and Bean Make the Rules (2012)

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About book Ivy And Bean (Book 9): Ivy And Bean Make The Rules (2012)

bean sees her sister singing "girls are cool girls are greate girls have the power to cre-ate!" bean suddenly just gets really annoyed when its time to drop her sister nancy to camp. after she drops her off she tells ivy about her sister nancy, and where she was going. as usual,ivy came up with a solution.TO MAKE THEIR OWN CAMP! and they started to name it ivy came up with camp nentherland bean came up with camp flaming arrow of course they couldnt have done both so they did eenie meenie minee mow. and they did. camp flaming arrow won and they took shets covered a branch and began to comeup with ideas. at first nobody came then they hade two kids who hate their mother and there mother kiked them out of the house to go to their great aunt.they had joined the camp and more and more people came...........just read on and if you havent read any books yet..start reading this amazing series!! Even though Bean loudly proclaims that she doesn't have time to go to some silly camp during spring break, a part of her wishes that she could spend the week doing crafts, studying nature, learning first aid, dance, drama, and social skills at Nancy's Girl Power-4-Ever camp. Bean, with Ivy's help, tries to build a tree house. When that fails, the girls make a tent. Then, they invent Camp Flaming Arrow and put up their tent in the park where all the other camps are taking place. The first day, the girls spy on Nancy's camp and see them doing crafts. So Bean and Ivy do crafts in their tent. Each day, they plan a different activity and, each day, they attract more and more campers from other camps. Unsurprising to Ivy+Bean fans, crafts, nature study, first aid, and famous-women-in-history take a rather odd but fun format. Would adults really let two seven-year-olds hang a tent over a tree branch in a park and leave it there for a week? Would camp counselors turn a blind eye while two young girls steal away their campers? Probably not, but it sure makes for a enjoyable spring break story. One laugh-out-loud quote: Bean said, "And I still don't know what a social skill is."

Do You like book Ivy And Bean (Book 9): Ivy And Bean Make The Rules (2012)?

This book had some creative and clever problem solving and people were treated well.

Possibly my favorite so far.

I like camp flaming arrow

It was funny

2nd Grade

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