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J. R. Ward Collection (2010)

J. R. Ward Collection (2010)

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I have not read Covet yet but have read almost all the BDB novels. Most are great, others not so much. They have a feel of Ward needed to meet an obligation... As has been mentioned with Unleashed.I find myself cringing inside at her constant use of slang that never gets better. I could stand it if I thought it would be realistic but hearing a giant, hot vampire warrior tell another one, "I'm outie." almost made me put the book down. Her constant use of the word "sh*tkicker" for boots is another. I swear the word boot must not be in her vocabulary, even characters who are upperclass use the term. I find myself automatically substituting boots, out, ... Don't even get me started on her use of Text Speak in internal monologues. These are not pre-teens they are vampires that are several hundred years old. I have always thought that no matter how they have adapted they would not think to themselves "WTF?" Seriously, who thinks that? It is a shame there are distractions like these because for the most part, she tells a good story. Like-able characters, hot men, steamy sex ... Her female characters could be stronger at times but in all good reads; especially the first few. This is simply a great series. You don't have to be a vamp girl or guy to enjoy it. Its sexy, and exciting. This series has a cast of charactors that keeps it reader loyal and wanting more. The great thing is, Ms. Ward (aka the Warden) delivers. This is the thing about the BDB series...the lives of the people in the book move on, and you get to read about it. Take her fictional king for example Wrath. His book was first (or the hook book) his story was perfectly lovely and ended with a happily ever after, until you get to book seven? Rehv's book, in this book you see that there is no such think as a happily ever after. (do you mean married/or mated couples have issues?) The reader learns about these vampires, sympaths, shadows, doggen, and chosen and learn to love them through out each book. This series is a good read, but if you think you can start from the newest one and go back you are wrong. Pick up dark lover first...It took me 6 weeks to read 8 books, and develop an addiction. How long will it take you?

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HA I LOVE THE WORDS SH.T KICKER AND WTF The boys are trying to keep stuff light so they clown around and who knows in Vamp land ITS COOOL so go JR Ward cant wait for more ps LOVE Lassiter

i read one after the other and loved them all a most read series!!!!!

Love this series would recommend it to my friends

They get predictable but good story.

I love these books!

good real good

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