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Jane Austen Ruined My Life (2009)

Jane Austen Ruined My Life (2009)

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About book Jane Austen Ruined My Life (2009)

Cute. Great book to get your mind off things and pass the time. The mystery-like mission that the protagonist is sent upon kept me reading and wanting to get to the next clue. I enjoyed the writing style, but I couldn't help but feel a bit cheated that it ended so abruptly with what I would call a "cop out" ending. It is all wrapped up rather abruptly with a "great reveal" that is really quite expected. Although the ending was drull, I did enjoy the reading process and the "meat" of the I have her next Jane Austen book on my reading list. I hope the ending is better. I was enamored by the premise of this book, however it finished rather disappointingly for me. While the book was a quick weekend read that I found fairly enjoyable, I feel compelled to quibble with a couple things. The back cover suggestion of "Austen's own struggles as a woman of faith" felt a bit misrepresented. I anticipated something to do with her struggles with faith in God in the throes of tragedy. And while in the end Austen does come to a peaceful acceptance of her circumstances, the dots aren't convincingly connected to a strengthening of her faith in the Almighty. Maybe the book jacket needs a rewrite?I know this book is built on conjecture and is pure wish fulfillment, but I felt the reveal of Jane's one true love was sort of...meh...I mean, if we are going to set aside reality, let's give it some crazy! Give Jane a love child called Harriet Smith who she had to bear in shame and secretly sent off to be educated elsewhere. Then she could write about said child in her novel called "Emma". Truth: this is what I thought was going to happen as I was reading this book and was SO disappointed it didn't happen. It would also nicely explain Jane's silent years. And sadly, our hero and heroine are just not convincingly in love enough for my taste. They "say" they love each other in the end, but they haven't actually "loved" each other anywhere! UST, people. We needs it!! I felt like the foil had more spark with our fair heroine. While I do respect a book that doesn't have the main character falling in a big strong man's arms to complete herself in the big finale, I do expect it to feel like it's a little bit of a sacrifice for her to forge her own way. This sounds a bit ranty, which I truly did not intend. Spending the weekend in the company of Jane and a writer who clearly loves her as much as I do is not too shabby. However, if there are writers out there who want to use the "Jane love child" idea, I'll be expecting a book dedication. And a cut of the royalties. ;-)

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Loved it! Wish the ending was a tad different but overall an addicting read!

Cute and intriguing premise, basic chick-lit with an unsatisfactory ending.

I really enjoyed this book. Fun references to all things Jane Austen.

It was a pretty good and quick read. :)

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