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Jazdci časom: Prvá Misia (2013)

Jazdci časom: Prvá misia (2013)

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Vydavateľstvo SLOVART

About book Jazdci časom: Prvá Misia (2013)

Easy, fast, thrilling and suspenseful. Great read after a busy day. No challenging plot lines or mangled evil characters. The pacein line with the plot which is fast and believable even though it is impossible to travel through time. Nice use of tachyons and relativity principles such asThe universe to goA long distance instantaneously. I like the play on Hitler's stupidity in egomaniac tendencies. history repeated itself with a vengeance even though one man thought he was able to be strong enough to resist the temptation to be all powerful.An excellent read for teens without the Amoral and passionate wasteland of most teen novels 1) 5 stars out of five for the book Time Riders.2) The book "Time Riders" from Alex Scarrow, is about a agency that protect the time how she happened. They searching in the history for time changing s, and when they find something they trying to change it back, so that the future is the same like before the time change.The group of agents are Liam, from 1912, Maddy from 2010, Sal from 2026, and Foster. They are stucking in a neutral zone in New York City in 2001.They are called Time Riders. The Time Riders must stop an evil physicist from the future (2066) who plans to travel back in time to led Nazi Germany to victory in WW2, with apocalyptic consequences. 3) "The last sensation that Liam was aware of was the vibration metal floor of the passageway beneath his feet giving way, and falling...falling through darkness."4) This is the first description of time traveling in the book. A special event , because it will happen many times more. The first 3 chapters are very short and confusing, because of the different situations and times, because of time traveling.3) "We came back here to make a better world. Not to destroy it." 4) That is when Kramer understand that when ´they traveled in the past to change the history, Kramer becomes a part of the new history, he becomes a part of a new world changed by his travel in the past. He would change or can change his plans that he made before he came, so what ever he is doing if he planned it or not it changes the future more and more.

Do You like book Jazdci časom: Prvá Misia (2013)?

Varsin vauhdikasta aikamatkailua, mutta pysyin yllättävän hyvin kyydissä!

Great concept with tons of loophole , still a good series to start

3.5* 4 hvezdicky, protoze to bylo spis k nim nez ke trem.

Pretty good, overall.


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