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Jeremy Thrane (2002)

Jeremy Thrane (2002)

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About book Jeremy Thrane (2002)

Jeremy Thrane’s comfortable world is about to be turned on its head. Having for years been in the employ of his lover Tom, living in his New York home and running his affairs, he is about to be thrown out. Tom is now a successful actor, married to an even more successful actress, and for years Jeremy and Tom have carried on their love affair in secret; but that is about to come to an end, and Jeremy is about to lose his cosseted lifestyle and start fending for himself. This means relying on his writing skills, but he may have to lower his sights and take on some seedier assignments if he is to succeed.The story itself is interesting enough, but it takes its time getting there, if it really gets anywhere at all other than self realisation for Jeremy. It indulges in dialogues which often lead nowhere other than establishing characters we already have a good picture of, and the same often applies to the narrative. As a consequence I frequently found my mind wandering from the story. Add to that the fact that I did not find the characters particularly appealing; Jeremy comes across as slovenly and self-centred; I did not find this a very compelling read. No doubt some readers will find Jeremy more appealing than I did, and so may feel differently about this.t

I enjoyed this book. Kate Christensen's characters are prickly but funny and believable. She sweeps you up into their daily lives and emotional inner dialogues in a funny and yet not overly self-indulgent way. Though they may be self obsessed, they are also self critical and embrace their quirks, damaging self destructive behaviours and foibles as well as their charms. Jeremy Thrane is a vain superficial seeming gay guy living in NYC yet he looks out at the world with an intelligent cynical but endearing eye. He has a heart buried in that superficial wrapping that pokes out and grabs him unexpectedly from time to time and shows his sensitive side and his real attachment to his interesting unorthodox family members. NYC is like another character in her books; vibrant, tough, exciting and grody at the same time.

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Loved this so much. In some ways, this is a less sophisticated book than Christensen's The Epicure's Lament. Even so, it has more heart. Jeremy is a less memorable but more human character than Hugo is, and there's a poignancy to his journey that Hugo's doesn't share. So much about this book touched me deeply and made me slow down and think--particularly the relationship Jeremy has with his sisters and mother. Christensen's writing, too, is so lyrical and incisive (if writing can do those two things at once...). In sum, loved it.

Just read this for my book club book and I really enjoyed it! I love Kate Christensen's writing style and voice--her characters were funny and interesting and even the "fringe" characters were a little deeper than the usual. I thought the observations and opinions that the characters expressed throughout the book seemed so "real life" and realistic--whether I agreed with them or not, I enjoyed their views, expression and quirks.My friend Carin said Kate's other books, In the Drink, The Epicure's Lament or The Great Man are all even better than this one so I look forward to reading those eventually as well.

It is really hard to like the main character of this book – Jeremy Thrane – a thirty something boy-toy who feels entitled to live the easy life and accept little or no responsibility for the choices he makes in his life. However, because the book is actually very well written and because Jeremy evolves, rather painfully into a responsible and caring adult during its course – you actually feel badly when the book is over – because you’d actually like to spend more time with the new and improved adult Jeremy.

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