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Jester, The: A Riyria Short Story (2014)

Jester, The: A Riyria Short Story (2014)
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1491525991 (ISBN13: 9781491525999)
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Jester, The: A Riyria Short Story (2014)
Jester, The: A Riyria Short Story (2014)

About book: A wonderful short story about greed & cowardess. Which one would you choose? The characters and storylines where well thought out. It was a fabulous book to read and my heart felt thanks goes to the wonderful author Michael J.Sullivan for the privilege of reading one of his wonderful stories and will be reading more of his book soon with that all said keep smiling and happy reading to all with love from wee me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I loved this short from Michael Sullivan, he always writes with such originality. Royce and Hadrian are hired, along with some others that they don't really trust, to retrieve a treasure that has been buried with a Jester. To obtain the treasure they must go spelunking and the choices that they each make will determine who makes it out of the cave alive. Only the wise and true of heart will be successful.
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How wonderful it was when I heard Mr. Reynolds start speaking. And how sad I was to leave again.
Very short story. Wished it was longer, and started earlier...but it was free and enjoyable!
Mindless. A waste of time. Its only redeeming quality is that it was short.
A very entertaining short story.
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