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Jim Henson: The Biography (2013)

Jim Henson: The Biography (2013)

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0345526112 (ISBN13: 9780345526113)
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About book Jim Henson: The Biography (2013)

Well, it took me well over a month to read this book, although in my defense, I kept putting it aside to read other books (I believe 4-5 books in total). As biographies go, this wasn't that exciting. What was exciting was the life Jim Henson led. I enjoyed learning all about the man and the different projects he worked on throughout his life. I am happy that I now hold that knowledge. Jim Henson was an amazing creator. And this book certainly told us about those things he created. And yes, I most definitely got sad at the end, reading about his death and what came after. So sad, so tragic. I finished this about a week ago and needed time to digest it and ponder how I felt about it. My feelings became clear when I saw the book title in my Kindle library this morning and my reaction was, "Ugh!" Guess I didn't like it.I wanted to like it. I love Jim Henson, loved learning more about him and his wonderful creativity and energy. And of course, I loved learning about the birth and growth of the muppets. But I did not like the journey to get there. Every night, it felt like a chore to pick it up and read just 5% (no page numbers for the kindle edition). Seriously. I am a fast reader. This was the best I could do. I felt it a bit tedious, but my main complaint is that this really white-washed Jim's character. He may have managed to be a good father, even though he wasn't around much. But he certainly wasn't a good husband. And he may have been liked by his staff, but he was not a good manager. And yay for that! Who wants to read about perfection? But this book completely glossed over Jim's apparent infidelities, his ducking out on his wife every time they were about to have a serious talk, and the issues with staff members. I felt like I was being handled by a very good PR department. Or possibly misdirected, as a good puppeteer can do so effortlessly. A little sleight of hand and I am supposed to forget Jim pretty much abandoned his wife, who also happened to start off as his partner. She was shunted off to the suburban sidelines . And really, that isn't fair to the man or to the people who are reading. I am also reading a biography of Winston Churchill, which is taking me forever and a day as it is LONG, but it is interesting. And I do feel the author is being honest about Churchill's negative characteristics, while at the same time, admiring his more positive ones.I will say the circumstances of Henson's death were very sad. Of course, I knew how he died, but I didn't know the details.

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A bit of a slow leadup but I loved learning about the later trajectory of his career.

The book was interesting but I thought it provided too much detail.




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