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Johnny's Girl (2013)

Johnny's Girl (2013)
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Johnny's Girl (2013)
Johnny's Girl (2013)

About book: I thought this was perfect. It was an excellent update on where Meg and Johnny are. It was really nice to see Johnny and Meg so happy. They have a lovely little family.I loved the mention of Joseph Strike and Alice. I kind of liked it that Johnny gets jealous of him even though he���s a big shot rock god. I found it so difficult to see Meg going through all those emotions. She clearly wants to be strong for Johnny and Jessie, but she also needs to process how she feels about it. She always worried that this would happen but she never really prepared herself for how she would feel if it did. I know that Meg and Johnny will come out the other side of this stronger than ever. They are fighters.I think Jessie seems like trouble. I can���t wait to see what havoc she causes for Meg and Johnny in The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson. I literally cannot wait to read Jessie���s story! Ahh Johnny and Meg - without a doubt my favorite couple.If you have read the two previous books in the Johnny be Good series you will know how many problems they have had to get together. Drugs, girls and secrets, but now - oh god finally now they are together, and happily married.I can't tell you how big my smile was while reading Johnny's girl. Meg and Johnny are so cute together and their happiness is so contagious. It was wonderful being back in their world.I loved how Johnny has grown from the previous books. Even though Meg is happy with Johnny, and she trust him, then there still are things that remind her of the past, and of the fears she still has. I love how Johnny handles the situations, where Meg is unsure. I know that he would never do anything intentional to hurt his family (you couldn't say that before) and I enjoyed being at peace with him. The boy has finally become a man. YAY.But as the synopsis tells the story take a shift when they discover that Johnny has an unknown daughter. I won't tell the outcome, but it's clear that both Meg and Johnny will be going through a lot of emotions.As always Paige make sure we revisit earlier characters, and in this one we meet: Bess, Kitty, Joseph and even Dana!It's fun to see what they are up to :)I've been really excited about the spin-off series about Johnny's girl Jessie, and it's not less after reading this story, AND the first chapter from "The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson" which you find in the end of the book.Actually it made my excitement so unbearable now. January is so long time away! lolLoved it, read it three times before I was ready to let go of it to write my review. And I want to read it again, so excuse me while I go reading ;)`See you later, alligator,' - Johnny, Baby Be Mine. Chapter 18
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Definitely made me want to read the next installment.With all Paige's books I wasn't let down.
Loved it! Just a shame it was only a short story - another brilliant effort from Paige Toon!
Cuenta el regreso de meg y jhony a los ángeles y es la precie la del siguiente libro
Love Johnny and meg xx
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