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Judas Flowering (1977)

Judas Flowering (1977)

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At first, it was a little difficult to make head way into this book. I believe that Jane Aiken Hodge's writing style is very unique, and, therefore; it was difficult to read at times. Mainly it was her dialogue phrasing that was hard to follow. However, after several chapters, it developed a rhythm. The story is excellent. I was not familiar with much of the Revolutionary battles south of North Carolina and how they played out in importance for the war, so this book was delightfully informative. She did an excellent job of unfolding how a man could start out a Loyalist and then, slowly, change his views to that of a Patriot. Furthermore, she approached the war sensibly, show that people on both sides were responsible for atrocities. That takes finesse. Overall, it was an fun read.

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