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Judy Moody: Around The World In 8 1/2 Days (2006)

Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days (2006)

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About book Judy Moody: Around The World In 8 1/2 Days (2006)

So, Judy Moody is in the classroom and this girl appeared when she was sitting next to her best friends and she was a reporter and she said, "What would you like for lunch?" And two of Judy Moody's best friends chose pizza, but SHE chose French Toast. And so, she said, "Check!" And Judy Moody said to her friends, "You can't have pizza every day of the week," because they said they wanted pizza every day of the week! And the reporter said, "Why not? My mom knows the lunch ladies!" And so she said, "If you were the principal, what would you change the school rules to?" "Candy machines," said Frank. "A skate park," said Frank. "A swimming pool," said Rocky. "No school picture day," said Rocky. "No pizza reporters bugging us at lunchtime," said Judy. So Judy Moody said, "OK, I got an idea for REAL!" "Chew gum in school!" So, at recess, Judy Moody finds the reporter and the reporter tells Judy about "My Name is a Poem" club. This isn't just a club for anybody. It's a club for people all over the world who have a name that rhymes. Judy Moody joins the club and they meet at the reporter's house. Judy Moody makes pickle flavored gum to trick her little brother.They sent postcards to others in the club... one had ABC (Already Been Chewed)gum in it so it could get stuck on the Wall of Gum. Judy's teacher gives them an assignment to go around the world in 8 1/2 days. Her team is Rocky and Frank and a girl named Isabella. But Rocky and Judy got in a big fight because they're not playing together that much and she is only playing with the reporter and so they can't really do it, but they are trying to. Judy says that they should do a dance and the teacher heard and told them that that was a good idea, but he told them it would also take a lot of work and so they kept practicing but Judy had to go to "My Name is a Poem" club and so they got mad at her and they wouldn't talk to each other.I like this book because I like the reporter and I like how they go around the world and how at first Rocky and Frank liked Amy Namey, but then they didn't like her and they were jealous.

I loved the all Judy Moody books when I was kid! They were always so adventurous and interesting. Megan really knows hot to write books for kids withour making them too complicated or too easy. The illustrations are really good to. When I was a kid, I would always try to draw and recreate the pictures. I really love Judy's cat, Mouse?,. It's just that he's? always there randomly.Stink was amazing character too. Smart and funny. I find it hilarious that a parent would name there kid Stink. I love his series too! I also love Toady. Ahh, memories. I remember always buying Judy Moody stickers too. The stories were amaizng! Some events in the books can really relate to real life stuff.

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Judy Moody meets her match in Amy Namey, a new girl who not only has a rhyming name like she does but also many other things like her. Is she just copying her? Does Judy have a new enemy or the chance to find a wonderful new friend with whom to share all of her passions? Things get even more complicated when Judy's "old" friends suddenly feel neglected. Will this affect their class work for the Around-the-World project? Life is never boring when you are around Judy Moody (and her brother Stink) and this is another addition to the many wonderful stories already available. I know it will be treasured among our readers.

In the first part the teacher tells the class that they have to do a report on one of the places Nellie Bly went.Judy Moody gets Italy with her friends Frank, Rocky, and Jessica Finch.Judy soon finds out that her class is doing the project with another tird grade class.One day when she was eating lunch and a girl came to the table to ask her friends on the opinion of pizza.She didn't like the girls because the girl just ignored her.So she decided not to be friends with her.But that night when we got home and her dad told her to be the girls friend.When she got to school the next morning the girl started to notice her so she became friends with the girl. She soon started goingto the girls house and playing with her.One day Judy found out about this dance called the taranutalla.She told her friends about it and they all decided to do the dance for there project. But the day they were practicng Judy missed it hanging out with her new friend.Then on the way to school she realized her frends wouldn't help her.So she did it by herself but that didn't work.She soon became friends with them again and they got an extra day.That's why the title says 8 and a half.

Judy Moody mets her enemy-nemisis turned best-friend, Amy Namey. She joins the My name is a poem club, with a membership card and all. Amy Namey is a girl reporter, and comes to their class to tell them about Nellie Bly, a female reporter who went around the world in 72 days. Their two third grade classes go around the world in 8 days, each group having a different country to present. Judy’s team has Italy, but her teammates get angry at her after she doesn’t show up to the Italian dance practic

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