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Juegos Mentales (2009)

Juegos Mentales (2009)

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About book Juegos Mentales (2009)

Loved this one, and I thought the drawings were spectacular, especially when he's showing characters as teenagers and then in their 40s, he was able to illustrate them to add the look of aging while still making it clear that they're the same person. The two-page spreads when the characters would peer into someone's head was always remarkable, and you could pause on that spread for several minutes just trying to take in everything. On to book 3! I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to start this novel at 2 a.m. last night (this morning?... whatever) It wasn't bad idea because it was a "horror" story and it was late, but rather I should have known better than to start on something that I would not be able to put down. I devoured "L&K Vol 2" the same way I did "L&K Vol 1"... in one sitting, barely taking time to breathe. This morning, after I got up and got my day started, I actually sat down and flipped back through it to make sure that in my haste to take it all in that I didn't miss anything. (I did this with Vol 1 and am pretty sure it will be the same for each volume after) This gives me time to really focus on the art which I still love. The first time, I saw the art, it struck me as slightly cartoon-ish but detailed. I liked the art from the start but the more I see it and can spot characters instantly, it just seems so fitting to the story (I will complain that Rufus looks like a younger Tyler though.) The muted colors of the work hint at the darkness that surrounds these characters without the rip-off of Frank Miller's black & white style that is splashed with red and the lines are clear and detailed without coming off as everyone looking a superhero.THAT STORY.... I won't lie, I actually didn't think that the story would take place outside of of Keyhouse very much. (Don't ask why, just a random assumption after "Welcome to Lovecraft")so for all these new characters at the school to be introduced and to start seeing some more of the back story, I was in love. And the newest key and what it unlocked...LOVE it.I already have Vol. 3 in my possession but I am waiting a few days as to savor "Head Games" before I dive into the next chapter.

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Wade really loves this series! Going to order him the 3rd book today.

This series is so good! On to book #3.

That is creepily cool haha

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