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Julie And Romeo (2003)

Julie and Romeo (2003)

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Ok, I get it, I get it......Life is not over at 60 and mature adults live passionate and fulfilling lives and are capable of all the head swooning emotion of pubescent teenagers...yadda, yadda, yadda. I heard ya the first 10 times already!!! I'm glad this was not my first sojourn into the world of Jeanne Ray. She seemed so desperate to re-sex the previous generation that there wasn't room for much more.....and yet I still found myself reading. Because I do like the characters of her world and I am anxious to see how things play out for them---despite my frustration with Julie and Romeo's willingness to let their families walk all over them. I mean are you 60 or not???? Doesn't that earn you the right to be an adult and tell your family to deal or get lost??? Her life after 40 point was so over-driven in this book that had I read it first I probably wouldn't have read any of her other books. By Step Ball Change and Eat Cake she honed her exuberance for the sectarian set and made a much for subtle and enjoyable point. DISCLAIMER--I will be reading the sequel to this book, Julie and Romeo Get Lucky, despite my misgivings about the original. As said before I do like this cast of characters and I am anxious to see them all grow up and move on---even those who are 60 or older. I also felt that the ending was bit too simplistic of a wrap up for decades of hatred so I will be interested in seeing if things in the post-feud world are really all rosy. And I would love to see Julie and Romeo weather real life together and be happy despite the monotony of it all. And that strikes at the essence of Ray's books, the belief in marriage and love despite extreme disappointments and set backs. And that's exactly what I want to believe in my life too and so I read them!

Hail, hail and be hearty to this author who sees the possibility that two people over the age of sixty are actually still alive! Julie, a failed marriage behind her, valiantly continues her parents' flower shop business, takes a large part in the raising of her grandchildren and while attending a business seminar meets up with Romeo, the son of a large family with whom her people have had an ongoing feud for as long as she can remember.Against the wishes of their families, the pair cultivate a not only emotional relationship with each other, but also dare to be sexual!IMO, more could have been done with this story, but still, the plot moves along at a fast, smooth pace and although predictable, the storyteller takes you there. This is a book I would recommend as an easy, enjoyable read for an overnight trip, or just a day's lounging at home as the rain patters the window panes.

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You want to know the one thing I really wanted to belated advise author Jeanne Ray about? Oh, of course you do.That is: do not put, on your author statement, that you are Ann Patchett's mom. Really. I don't care what your editors and publisher told you, don't do it. Don't go there. Don't invite me to compare your work to that of your daughter (one of my favorite contemporary novelists). And don't set me up for wondering--yeah, I know, it's fiction, of course you aren't talking about Real Life and your Family and your best friend, even though the best friend in the novel and your best friend are admittedly sharing a name--don't set me up for wondering "hmmm, now is Ann the bitchy daughter or the sloppy one?"But hey, it's a nice read. It is unthreatening and sweet. There are grandchildren. There are adult daughters. There is an ex husband (how did your Julie ever hook up with that guy?). There are flowers. There are people who, while they apparently run small businesses (into the ground), don't really have to keep business hours or worry their heads about stuff except as it fits the plot.All of that is typical fun chic lit.And to have a main character who is a passionate 60 year old woman? Very cool, though I was sort of uncomfortably imagining the reactions of the 20 something readers to the sex scenes. I mean, are they going to react the way I did when my older, 10 year old, bff explained the sex act to me ("NOOOO, our parents would Never Do That!!!")?And lots of weddings and sort of weddings? Well,isn't that fun?It's a respectably written fun book, and I will probably look for others by Ray. But..gosh, don't bring your daughter into it, okay?

This modern day Romeo and Juliet type story has plenty of twists from Shakespeare's. The biggest difference is this isn't love lost teenagers....both of the main characters have been married previously, have grown children, and are about 60 years old. They still come from feuding families and there has been plenty of hate and disgust over the years. I laughed out loud and some of the situations these characters get into! This is a modern day book with no thought of saving "it" for marriage and there is a BIG swear word used by one of the hateful children when they find out about the parent's love for the enemy. I was grateful the language was a one time thing. I enjoyed the characters and their real life complexities so much, it would have been hard to quit reading it. A quick, summer romance read.
—Beth Pearson

Families Roseman and Cacciamani owns rivaling flowershops in the same small town. Both regard each other like criminal scum and the hate and animosity that started with their grandparents has also infected the second and third generation. 60-year old Julie Roseman is divorced and her flower-shop is failing. At a convention she meets 60-year old Romeo Cacciamani, they strike up a friendly conversation and they discover that they share a mutual attraction. Unfortunately, their families is not as willing to let go of the feud as they are.A modern take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It's a good try. I like that Jeanne Ray took the unconventional route and choose two seniors as the 'star-crossed lovers'. However, I was greatly frustrated by the inability of these two modern, adult and mature people to stand up for their relationship. They let their parents, children and exes push them around in favor of a battle that no one remembers why it started. When the ending came, my only thought was 'why on earth didn't they do this in the first place?'

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