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Juliet, Gola (2009)

Juliet, gola (2009)
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Juliet, Gola (2009)
Juliet, Gola (2009)

About book: I went into this book expecting writing rivalling About a Boy, and I did initially get that. However, as nice as the rising action was, I found it anticlimactic. I realize that there needn't be a crazy big *thing* that needs to happen, but when the characters finally met, I found myself wanting a little more. The reality that Hornby had created wasn't as believable when it came to the point where they were all in England.I didn't find it terribly satisfying, but I just think it wasn't one of Hornby's best. I did however enjoy the characters in the book, even Duncan who totally got on my nerves. It was a fast and easy read though, and even though there wasn't a crazy plot to pull your forward through the story, I still found myself drawn in. After reading the synopsis for Slam, I decided to dismiss Hornby forever, particularly because he will never top or even match High Fidelity. I guess that kinda makes me out like Duncan in Juliet Naked.That being said, just for the fact that I didn't hated it, it's enough to like the book. And yeah, I liked the book, in fact I was really liking the book until the last few pages, where it kind turned out to be an hollywood movie. However, I am pretty sure that if I hadn't read HF in my early 20s, and if I didn't yet still felt like I was perfectly captured in that book, I would be a whole lot happier with Juliet Naked.
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I like Nick Hornby's books, but not this one.
A little slow and not that interesting
Perfect holiday reading
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