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Juliet Spell (2011)

Juliet Spell (2011)

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1459213971 (ISBN13: 9781459213975)
Harlequin Teen

About book Juliet Spell (2011)

When I first read the excerpt, I was very interested. I mean, who doesn't love the Romeo and Juliet story...? I read it back in school and watched the Clair Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I love it! So I had to read this novel, in first person. A little confusing at first, since there was many characters introduced. But once the author brought in Edmund Shakeshaft, I was deeply involved within the story. The story is about a young lady trying out for Juliet and feels she wont get the part in the play as the director is really tough. She casts a spell, bringing Shakespeare brother to the 21st century and her kitchen table. As the story moves forward, we learn more about William and his plays. The Juliet spell is a great novel for teens as it shows the hard work the teens put in to make the play happen, when the director suffers a heart attack and the board tells them, there will be no play. This novel is funny, sensual and you will find yourself talking as if you were in the Elisabeth era of 1597. A lovely time-travel teen fantasy/romance. I felt engaged in these characters and wished for the best for Miranda. I did feel at times like Edmund was a bit impulsive in his actions and a tad cruel playing at Miranda's heart that way. I also felt like the time travel/synchronicity was explained away too quickly leaving cracks in it. It wrapped up kinda quickly at the end too. But I have to say I wasn't sure until the very end what Edmund would do or not. That left me in surprise.

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I liked this, it was cute.

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