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Julieta Imortal (2011)

Julieta Imortal (2011)

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About book Julieta Imortal (2011)

In the reviews I read that this is a re-telling of Romeo and Juliette but the only similarity I can see is the names. Actually it is the reverse of R&J. Juliette is a good guy and Romeo is the bad guy. Romeo and Juliette were married and Romeo traded Juliette's live for his own immortality. What he didn't know is that she would also become immortal but would hate him forever. Juliette would share the body of a soul that needs to be matched with their soul mate. Romeo would share a different body and try to destroy everything that Juliette tried to do. The problem this time was Juliette got the pair wrong. She was trying to seal the love between Ben and Gemma and it didn't work our very well for her. Not wanting to spoil it she was barking up the wrong tree. Romeo did everything he could to try and keep Juliette's plan from going as...well planned. He is a vicious little jerk and I hear that I am supposed to like him in the second installment. I suppose we will see.This book is eloquently written and I was very satisfied with the plot of the story. I was pretty intrigued with this one. The idea that the Shakespearean version of Romeo and Juliet is inaccurate and the suicide pact not being romanticized really hooked me. I really enjoyed the beginning. Then towards the end stuff popped up that really bothered me. The origins of the Ambassadors and the mercenaries. The V word? What the hey? I was enjoying that the way it was written is just the way things were, sometimes you have to take books like that, but then they throw that word in and it's mentioned once or twice more but that's it? Huh? It ruined the whole, I know as much as she knows kind of backstory which I was completely satisfied with. Then the ending bothered me almost more than anything else. It was a sad and tragic ending. Some books end like that. I don't like those kind of endings, but it's what the author chose to go with. This one has a sad and tragic ending. But wait, there's more, let me add another ending so that both sides of the coin will be pleased. Half of these characters can be happy, the other half are dead, but it's like reincarnation but before their time. It just didn't flow well. And the character you find evil and terrible most of the book ends up not being so terrible in the beginning, just misunderstood, but then turns terrible? Why? If he was really doing it for love, and he still loved her, why not fight against the evil the whole time? I just felt turned off by the change of heart. Stick with a quality evil or lovestruck, tragic or happy. I was pleased with her writing and ability to tell a story, so I will read from this author again.

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This was quite an interesting book. I'm incredibly excited to read the second one.

I don't quite think this book is what Shakespeare had in mind for his legacy.




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