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Junie B. Jones And That Meanie Jim's Birthday (1996)

Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday (1996)

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About book Junie B. Jones And That Meanie Jim's Birthday (1996)

This book is simply a sparkling delight. Junie B. Jones has hardly been funnier than she is in the pages of this effervescent story. In my opinion Barbara Park has done an above-average job of writing this book when it is compared to the rest of the Junie B. Jones series, and her unique wit and potential for incredibly relevant and tangible feeling come through beautifully as we follow Junie B. Jones on this fun adventure. In addition to the wonderful humor, anyone who has ever felt left out will closely identify with Junie B., and it is this added dimension of feeling that I would say makes "Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday" one of the best in the series that I have yet read. I would enthusiastically recommend this winsome book to anyone! "I guess sometimes we grown-ups think we're the only ones with problems...We forget that even when you're little, life can be tough." —Principal, "Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday", P. 59

1.Publisher;RANDOM HOUSE Book series; BARBARA PARK Level; 2.02. How much time you read your book during the week 10/10..10min 10/11..20min 10/14..40min3. 7-words summary Invited,mother,saddest story,birthday,Disney land,Grandma,Grandpa4. One discussion and my answer What is the saddest story in your life? When I was elementary 1st grade, I lost my house key and my mother was very very angry. I cried much because my mother was angry.Finally, my dad had my house key. He used it without my permission.5. Explain the book I read about half of the book.In 3 paragraph, she can't change the day you were born. Maybe she mistake her birthday. I can't believe.and Lucille had invitation to Jim birthday party. Junie gets the same invitation because it didn't even have name on it. So that means it can be for anybody probably!

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I used to read this series all the time when I was in primary school and adored them! As a college student I decided to go back and read one just for old time's sake and I literally laughed out loud sitting alone in my dorm. Barbara Park's humor is so amusing. Junie B. comes to life in my head as a hysterical and rambunctious kindergartener that I wish was real! I'm 18 years old yet I'm tempted to go back and check out a ton more just to read for fun. The plot of the book and all of the books in this series are very simple and primary school kids can relate to a situation such as not being invited to a really cool birthday party, or being afraid of monsters under the bed. This is probably my favorite children's chapter book series of all time. :)
—Giselle Avina

This doesn't really deserve the one star. We just got a big stack of these books as a hand-me-down and we were excited because I know they are popular and thought they would be fun summer reading. We just finished Meanie Jim's Birthday and I'm not only disappointed but completely shocked that people like this drivel. If you can look beyond how awful the grammar is there is nothing left but a bratty six year old who calls everything stupid and makes up cruel nicknames for the kids in her class. I'm with Jim who didn't want Junie at his birthday party, I wouldn't want her at mine either.

-Random House-Time:11/7=20min 11/9=15min 11/10=29min-7 words summary:Desire-Party-Impossible-Mean-Happen-Only-Good-Discussion questions:1.What do you want to do for your friends' birthday? I want to do surprises for them. I like surprising faces.I feel happy to see them. Birthday is the most important day for everyone.2.What is the best present for you given? I like Stitch! This is a character of Disney. When I was a junior high school student, I got many Stitch goods from my aunt. I was really happy.Junie B is sometimes crazy, but I like her. She is sometimes cute, but if she is my doughter or sister, I don not like her.haha The book is easy to understand and read well.
—Riho Uto

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