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Just Jackie: Her Private Years (1999)

Just Jackie: Her Private Years (1999)

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I recently watched the Kennedys mini-series that found a home on the Reelz network after having been booted from the History Channel. It made me want to find out a bit more about the personal lives of various Kennedys, rather than the just the historical significant bits, and the history through which they lived. I found Just Jackie to be a sort of salacious and gossipy account, having read nothing else about her. So, how authoritative this is, I don't know. (One of the very first chapters ends with the revelation that Jackie touched JFK's penis after she'd been left alone with his body in trauma room one at Parkland Memorial in Dallas, after he'd been pronounced dead. That's maybe more personal than I needed, but it's that kind of book. This bit is is supported in the endnotes.) In any case, the chapters are very short and I found the flow within them, and between them, choppy. In the end, I thought Just Jackie satisfied like potato chips--not terribly good for you, but tasty while you're eating them!

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