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Just My Type: A Book About Fonts (2011)

Just My Type: A Book About Fonts (2011)

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About book Just My Type: A Book About Fonts (2011)

Livro bem interessante para quem é curioso para saber mais sobre tipografia, com um estilo leve e descontraído. Para leitores que procuram informações mais técnicas e objetivas, esse não é o livro. Na verdade, é quase um livro de ensaios ou crônicas sobre a história da tipografia e o trabalho dos designers de fontes. Não deixa de ser uma leitura muito proveitosa, principalmente para os aficionados a livros e seu universo. Somehow this manages to be a loose survey of typefaces, a typographic history, and a look at how type functions in our lives without feeling too long or too brief. I found this a delightful read filled with wonderful examples and anecdotes as charming as they were insightful (Ever wanted to know about the origins of Comic Sans or edgy life of Gill Sans's creator? Or which font was destroyed by one its original partners deciding to throw the metal originals into a river? Or which font Obama rode to the Oval Office?). I think Garfield strikes a perfect balance between making this accessible to the lay reader and still meaty enough for the typophiles out there.

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Who would imagine a book about fonts could be so interesting and humorous! A very enjoyable read.

Very readable and interesting account of the history of type, especially in the computer age.

Utterly fascinating. A wonderful book to dip into. I leave it in my guest room for visitors.

Really fun book about typography. I recommend it to all of my graphic artist friends.

Just awesome!

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