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Katzenkrallen (2010)

Katzenkrallen (2010)

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I really wanted to give this book a three star because I wanted to slap Delilah for her reactions to Chase. I also wanted to slap both of her sisters for their advice. In the long run I guess I have to go with four because I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. So far I can say that of all the sisters I think I have found Delilah to be my favorite. In this book I can also say that more than any other component of the storyline was the relationship with Chase. From that start I knew something was up, from there I was obsessed with finding out what. On the other hand I argued, loudly, with the reactions of Delilah and wanted to choke both her and kick the crap out of Chase. Eventually I was disappointed with the ending and pray this whole thing will blow up in their faces. LOL OK on to Demon Mistress, hope this isn't more "whoa is me". This was the fifth installment in the Otherworld series. It was from Delilah's perspective, which by far is one of my favorite of the D'Artigo sisters. This book has some strange twists in it. For Delilah some good and some really bad, there is the fourth seal that is found and need to be recovered. Chase muttering another's name in his sleep! And oh what a s*** pickle she's getting into with the Autumn Lord. Then Karvanak has returned and with it causing huge trouble! Delilah will have to save the one she loves most, and with the spirit seal at stake along with it Otherworld and Earth!This by far was hard to put down, I finished in less then a day and what a ride it was!

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Delilah is not my favorite sister. she's kind of a wimp.

this is one of the best book of the series

Better. Nor quite so wham bam.



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