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Keep Swimming (2000)

Keep Swimming (2000)

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If you're looking for something funny that will pull at your emotions, this book is definitely it. Kade Boehme really does know how to make you laugh and cry at the same time.Cary is a sweetheart who was dumped by his boyfriend just as their surrogate becomes pregnant. Cary is left to deal with raising a child and trying to start a business all at the same time. Through sheer will, he accomplishes both tasks and learns to put his everything into his work and his child. Heath is a surly, closeted playboy who never seeks to form attachments. He wants to be one and done, but for some reason he can't seem to free himself of this insistent ache for Cary and more importantly, Cary's adorable son, Gus.This story pushed all of my romantic comedy buttons. It was funny as hell, but still managed to deal with the very serious issues these two men were experiencing in their relationship. The characters are well developed and we get to see emotional growth in both main characters. Heath learns to be who he is regardless of anyone else's opinion, while learning to embrace the love he's developed for Cary and his son. Cary learns to trust in someone other than himself. He learns that it's alright to want something more than work and his child in his life.Love it. yep...i drink the kaderade. he's an auto buy for me. this is another great, quick read! i wish it was longer - i always wish his books were longer because i love them so guy + cute son = heath's done forcary is a passionate man that has been burned by an ex and is not overly anxious about trusting another man. his attraction to heath can't be ignored but he has to decide if he can actually start something with a confirmed bachelor (who's partially in the closet).heath is still in his bachelor i'm not going to settle down with anyone phase - at 31. cary comes out of nowhere and heath starts to ask what if??i can't wait to see what happens with kyle!

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3.5 Stars. Sweet romance with angst but not in a stereotypical sappy way. The kid was adorable.

A very cute story. Gus was adorable with his inability to pronounce his "th" sounds.

Am I the only one who needed more dialog between the two mains?

3.5 stars


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