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Keepers And Killers (2013)

Keepers and Killers (2013)

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About book Keepers And Killers (2013)

What an exceptional second book in the Alchemist series! Continuing from ‘The keepers’ this paranormal suspense romance book will have you addicted to this story. The author has a knack of bringing out your emotions with the characters in her writing. I laughed out loud with the humour, my heart pumped in the action adventure scenes, I puzzled over the mystery and suspense trying to solve it, my heart ached over the sad scenes and got butterflies and a silly grin during the sexual banter from a very sexy Cormac that you just hope he and Jo will finally get it on! The story continues with Jo still working for Cormac at Lacard casino in Vagas. The new threat is Senator Core, intent on destroying the world – no one seems to know what he’s up to, what he is or where he will pop up next. Jo takes it on herself to find a way to protect the ones she loves and to save the world. Being an orphan and on her own the majority of her life, Jo is set to do what she does best; her own thing! Of course Jo is always planning to slip past the ever controlling Cormac, who is out to protect her at all costs and the arguments they have are amusing and hilarious as Jo is not use to someone looking out for her and Cormac isn’t use to anyone disobeying him and both are stubborn and won’t back down or show how they feel.There is never a dull moment in this book. And the ending – the ending left me wanting to read more!I love the writing style – from Jo’s POV and being a great character that rebels from the dominant controlling Cormac, it’s entertaining and an easy flowing book to read. I could not put this down and when I did prise myself away from the kindle, I kept thinking about the book and what will happen and try and work out the mysteries that need solving.This book was well written and even though the Express editing solutions did a better job on this book than the previous company did on ‘The Keepers book,’ there were still a few little typos missed. I would like to say; Come on you editors bring back the proof-readers - attention to detail is paramount for all authors and their reader’s and the enjoyment in the books they read and your companies too!I am a huge fan of Donna Augustine and if you haven’t already read it, I recommend Obsidian Soul (Souls book 1) and hopefully book 2 ‘Pieces of the Soul’ will be out before the end of 2013. All heck is breaking loose and Jo is in the center of things. I really enjoy her narrative but I wish I knew what others were thinking as well. It is very limited as she is not really in the know and others are stingy with the info they share with her. Her attitude goes a long way in keeping you liking her. She has serious New Adult tendencies that make her a little stupid at times.Loads of chemistry with Cormac, these two really need to do the deed already!! They are so meant for each other. There are a lot of new supporting characters added in this book and tons of story! There are so many things going on that it gets a little tricky to follow at times. Still the end was a touch unexpected and you really need to jump straight into the next book to get the rest of the story. Not a real cliffhanger but not an ending either.I listened to the audio book narrated by Laurel Schroeder. She does a great job and keeps things consistent from the first book. I wish some of the men had more varied voices. She has a really great feel for Jo and all her attitude. She has a nice brisk pace and adds just enough drama to her voice to really sell the action scenes. Great fit for the series. Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.

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Liked this even better. Now Im stuck waiting on the 3rd one. I really want those 2 together!!

Aside from the grammatical errors, it's an entertaining story with great characters.

A quick but good read. I enjoyed the characters and the developing romance!

Wow - did not see that coming! I LOVE this series!

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