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Kein Bisschen Ohne Dich (2012)

Kein bisschen ohne dich (2012)

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About book Kein Bisschen Ohne Dich (2012)

Blood Forver had a good ending. It was a good thing that Sunny didn't want to be a mortal again. Thank god she stayed as a vampire if she didn't then she had to be jealous of Jane again and have feelings for Jayden as well. A lot has happened since Sunny & Rayne were in Hell. The girls went back in time for a second chance in life and make things right. But it is hard when you see the love of your life again. So, they try to make a difference (which you have to read what happens); I'm happy that all four of them (Mangus,Sunny, Rayne & Jareth) get their happy ever after. Both girls become vampires to stay by the side of their bloodmates forever. Last review...finally... I never thought this is going to happen ever (but after I waste two of my school holidays…)...At first I knew I should have skipped the 6 other books =_=''First and last are surely enough... It’s a waste of time to read the other books too.At first Sunny is going to be a Vampire like I thought...So why read the other books which are full of shit where she is so winy about not to become one?Than time traveling is a nice idea, Spider and Z. are also a nice Idea.The book is quite funny but if I ever read “bigger picture” or “demand” ever again that much in a book series I’m going to throw up. Really the books lacks on vocabulary.I think the book got 4 stars, because XD I finally can end the series!I also love happy endings! That’s why I really like to give 4 stars.Also I like that the boys are not stuck at the other time at the end and how everything went better after Birdy aka Bertha died...So it's going to be a short review! It is a quite funny book, nice Idea and the worst series I ever read...I never read such nonsense in my whole live but the nonsense is quite entertaining...But if I ever start a similar book series I start to stop to read the series... one time is enough.

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it was ok. wanted to read more on rayne :( happy ending :)

Cant wait to read this

Nice ending

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